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You’ve likely found this website because you have experienced the soul-changing event of a miscarriage, interrupting a wanted pregnancy, and/or are having trouble conceiving.  I have too, and the most important thing I can tell you is that you can and will heal.  You’re not alone. I’m here to help you transform your heartache into hope and stress into strength.

You might be wondering how Feel.Fire.Flow. came to be. I'll tell you!


What's that all about?

I’ve always felt strongly about helping people to see their own self-worth and lifting them up when they are down.  I've always had to ask those deep questions to get them to see all of their negative self-talk and limiting beliefs were simply untrue.  I didn’t really have a name for it nor did it occur to me I could do it as a profession, despite my life-long dream to work in the counseling field.  As it is with all great change, coming to realize my purpose as a coach did not come fast nor easy.  So often the most obvious answers in life are hiding right in front of us!  

no one told me it could be like this

In April 2015, about ten months after our wedding, my husband, Jason, and I decided it was time to start our family.  I was working in a high-profile, fast-paced environment as director of special events and marketing for an extraordinary philanthropist and business leader, traveling, socializing, and enjoying married life with Jason and our new pup, Riley.

I miscarried my first pregnancy in August/September 2015 (a 19 day ordeal).  For months after, I was trying to maintain my usual pace but was struggling physically, mentally and emotionally inside.  My health was falling apart, my anxiety was at an all-time high and I was performing poorly, by my standards, at work.  

My husband and I were struggling to understand each other.  We were also trying to conceive again.  I was losing hours of my life analyzing my fertility app and scrutinizing every tiny feeling in my body.

Very few of my friends and family knew what I was going through and I felt like I was leading a double life.  Once a fun-loving, passionate, dedicated co-worker, friend, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, etc., overtime I’d lost passion for a lot of things in my life.

I was seeing various doctors for different health problems ranging from an ob/gyn, a gastroenterologist and a therapist.  My hair was falling out and I was sick all the time, but I wanted to keep up with my non-stop schedule.  Stressed doesn’t begin to cover it! 

October 2015 - Putting on a happy (pale) face!

October 2015 - Putting on a happy (pale) face!

September 2016 - Feeling good, on fire & in my flow!

September 2016 - Feeling good, on fire & in my flow!

enough is enough

After a casual hysterosalpingogram (casual = awful!) and a breakdown at work, I decided something had to change.  I enlisted the help of a life coach.  With the help of this coach, I dug really deep and examined my life, my mindset and where I wanted to go from there.  I was already helping people in my career in fundraising for a non-profit youth organization but in a bit of an AHA! moment, recognized I was drawn to helping people in a different way - something more personal and direct.  I also identified my passion for wellness.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to feed that passion, heal myself and get my health coaching certification. I finally understood that my natural desire to help people transform into the person they wanted to be and achieve what they desired in life was a real thing - coaching.

you've got to be kidding me

About a year after my miscarriage I discovered I was finally pregnant again.  Unfortunately, a few months later, at 12.5 weeks, we learned the baby was not well.  It was “no one’s fault.” “...Just one of those unfortunate cases.” I can tell you now, I’ve been to hell. That’s only word to describe the world I walked in for the following three weeks, until I was no longer pregnant.  I know that if you’ve found this website, you might know what hell looks like, too.  

Here’s what I did differently to get through it:


    • Turned to my form of release - yoga.

    • Allowed myself the time and space I needed to process.

    • Communicated with my husband from a place of compassion and free of judgement.

    • Listened to my body and soul, prioritized their needs, and fed them both well with self-care and good food.


    • Was honest about my pain, with myself and with the people in my life.

    • Asked for what I needed from work, my husband, family, friends and my doctors.

    • Traveled, spent time with people who lifted me up and did things that made me feel like me again.

    • Did some online shopping and drank some wine (keeping it real, here!).


    • Made a decision to use my pain to get stronger.

    • Let people help me and found strength from their compassion.

    • Prayed, meditated, and journaled - speaking to the universe, God, science, whichever might be listening.

    • Placed trust in something greater than me that I would get through this and that I would get another chance to be a mother.



After the loss of my second pregnancy I experienced my second AHA! moment, with the help of a friend, who also happens to be a life coach. I knew I needed to use the skills and knowledge I had developed as a coach in combination with my own struggle to have a baby to help women fighting similar battles in their lives.  

There are a few themes that show up again and again in my story -





I know you’re a strong, busy woman and I know you’re here because you’re not giving up.  I’ve designed the Feel.Fire.Flow Wellness Coaching Program for YOU, to get you back to YOU - make that, the YOU you've always desired to be.

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  1. Volunteer - Favorite Charities - Camp Harbor View and Horizons for Homeless Children

  2. Crazy animal lover - Proud dog mom to Riley

  3. Highly sensitive person - It’s a real thing

  4. Favorite person - My husband, Jason

  5. Family girl - We’re real tight.

  6. Smarts - Quinnipiac University Grad and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  7. Practicing yogi - Corepower people!

  8. Coolest person I’ve met - President Barak Obama

  9. Secret to success - “Raise your standards and the universe will meet you there.”

  10. Professional - Event planner and Wellness Coach

  11. Dweller - Boston, MA

  12. Leo!